What do you think of when you hear the word “strong”? Do images of athletes with bulging muscles fill your mind? Maybe you picture a wrestler. Perhaps a football player comes to mind.

Of course, big muscles aren’t really necessary to be strong. Physically, your body is made up of hundreds of muscles. Some are tiny and some are large. But they don’t have to be as big as balloons to make you a strong person.

Many people who eat right and exercise regularly are physically strong. They might not look like a bodybuilder, but their muscles are in tip-top shape. Their physical strength might surprise you, because they might not look like you usually expect a really strong person to look like.

Keeping your muscles in good shape is an important part of being healthy. Your muscles help your body get around and function like it should. If you want to feel your best, don’t neglect your muscles. Eating the right foods and getting plenty of exercise will keep your muscles in good condition.

You don’t need to lift weights or do special exercises to stay healthy. If you want to lift weights or develop stronger muscles in a particular part of your body, talk to your parents and ask them to help you come up with a plan to meet your health goals.

Being a strong person can be about much more than just physical strength, though. Some of the strongest people you know might be physically weak. How can they be strong then? They may instead possess great mental or emotional strength.

Different people can be strong in different ways. If you’re not an athlete with big muscles, you might instead by a star student with great grades. Or you could be a super friend who listens well and is treasured by many friends and relatives.

Brain power and emotional awareness are key strengths that not everyone has. Those athletes with the big muscles? They may be physically strong, but mentally and emotionally weak. Or they could also be great students who are good friends, too.

Each person is unique. We all have individual strengths that we need to discover and develop. We’re all born with certain strengths that we can improve upon. If you’re smart but want to be physically strong, too, then use your brain to learn the things you need to do to reach your goals.

Likewise, if you’re physically strong and want to be smarter, use your physical strength to keep your body going while you stay up later and work harder to get better grades. The important thing to realize and remember is that you are strong. Now get going identifying and using your strengths!

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    • Hi there, Miranda, thanks for WONDERing with us today! Physical strength, like which you might use during your gym class or at recess, is one type of strength. Another type of strength is called “emotional strength” and you may be strong by being there for a friend or family member when they are feeling sad. The strength of your mind and your body are equally important. This video today displays the emotional strength of those affected by the tragedy in Boston earlier this year.

      Thanks for visiting with us, Miranda! :)

  1. THOUGHT: I had no idea that that stuff happens
    CONNECTION: I have a uncle who is strong (navy)
    WWOTD: you don’t need to be strong to help
    PREDICTION: about somthing or someone digging

    • Good morning, Alex, Jeremiah, and Deven! There are different kinds of strengths – physical, emotional, mental – and we’re glad you have shared your comments about what you learned today! Thanks for including your thoughts, we sure do enjoy WONDERing with you! :)

  2. THOUGHT:I thought the video was kind of sad but I still enjoyed it. CONNECTION:My brother is physically strong. PREDICTION:I think tomorrow wwotd will be about digging. WWOTD:I have possessed the power to do well.

    • Good morning, Wonder Friends Jacob, Tiffany, and TJ! We really enjoyed reading your comments about today’s Wonder. We understand that sometimes tough things happen in life and we have to be emotionally strong, just like we saw in today’s Wonder video. Thank you for sharing your SUPER connections with us today, we hope to Wonder with you again soon! :)

  3. THOUGHT:I thought the video was very intelligent and very sad.

    CONNECTION:I can connect to this video sometimes it can be on the news.

    WWOTD: The word of the day is possess- Haves an attribute knowledge or skill
    EX: You each possess the ability to do well.

    PREDICTION: I bet tomorrows’s wonder will be about animals.

  4. THOUGHT:I think Boston is strong I believe that they lost all those people even kids that was so sad.

    CONNECTION: I was sad when I saw that video and I was sad when I first heard about it.

    WWOTD: you each posses the ability to do well!

    PREDICTION: I wonder what tomorrow’s wonder will be .

  5. THOUGHT: I thought that lifting weights to help you stay in shape.

    CONNECTION: I really don’t like lifting weights because in the morning my arms hurt.

    WWOTD: I possess the ability of reading.

    PREDICTION: I predict tomorrow’s wonder of the day will be about dirt or soil.

    • We love your Wonder Word of the Day, Wonder Friends – POSSESS! We think you all possess great imaginations with lots of creativity. Keep up the great work! :)

      Sometimes things happen in our world that make us feel sad; it helps us to talk to an adult or teacher about how we feel. This is a great way to show your emotional strength, too. Sharing how you feel is important and helps us better understand our emotions.

      We’re very proud of all of you, Wonder Friends! :)

  6. THOUGHT:I get! :) SO you say that if your saying you’re strong it does not count because strong is also talking about your emotional and mental power like in the video, it shows if you are strong enough to handle it. (No rain drops on my face, so I’m strong!)

    CONNECTION:The other day I saw these big guys playing football and called me a wimp and I saw the same guys crying at an opera, who’s the wimp now??

    WWOTD: If I had a super power it would been to possess living things!

    PREDICTION:I think tomorrow’s Wonder is to be about some type of gem of mineral.

  7. THOUGHT:I really liked the story because it showed the other ways you can be strong
    CONNECTION:I have been strong before.
    WWOTD:you each posses the ability to do well
    PREDICTION:I think tomorrow’s wonder will be about wildlife

    • Thank you for WONDERing with us today, London, Tam, and Elizabeth! This can be a tough concept to wrap your brains around – “How can we be strong without using our muscles?” one might ask! It sounds like you’ve mastered the idea of different types of strength! Sometimes we might demonstrate emotional strength when comforting a friend or family member. We show our physical strength when we are playing a team sport like soccer or kickball. Our mental strength comes in handy when we memorize and recite a poem or a math equation for school! We love learning about different types of strengths with you! :)

  8. THOUGHT–I thought we where going to talk about care of teeth.

    CONNECTION–My connection about the story is that make me thank about my grandma and how she died.

    PREDICTION– When people died.

    POSSESS–I possess candy.

  9. THOUGHT: I didn’t know any of that.

    CONNECTION: My brother is very strong.

    PREDICTION: I predict that tomorrow’s wonder will be the plant cycle.

    EXAMPLE: I possess the power to do good work.

  10. I get what the story is about but I just don’t get the video.

    Connection sometimes my brother is sad and I do my best to cheer him up but it doesn’t work.

    I think it will be about happiness. I posses the power of a thousand gods.

    • Good work, Tairyn, Jenna, and Christopher! We have enjoyed WONDERing with you today and we think you’ve done a great job making connections to the Wonder and predicting the next one, too! :)

      We think it’s SUPER to know that you have shown emotional strength before – sometimes others need cheering up and we are very proud of you for helping to make them smile. We hope to Wonder again with you soon, we think you all possess great ideas and imagination! :)

  11. THOUGHT:what was the video about I was shocked its about 4 people who died I’m really shock is it talking about the weakness of fillings because of the people who died.

    CONNECTION: I had a family member who died I tried to use all my strength not to cry.

    WWOTD: Possess in a sentence: possessed in an evil spirit

  12. THOUGHT: I had an idea people always say “cats have nine lives”.

    CONNECTION: I really don’t like cats.

    WWOTD: Cats are felines

    • Great work, Wonder Friends Janiya, Tim, and Jeremiah! We are proud of you for WONDERing about mental, emotional, and physical strengths with us today! You are a WONDERful group! :)

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, connections, and Wonder Words of the Day in a sentence. Keep using your super minds and imaginations, that way you will keep building your mental muscles! :)

  13. I think that the clip was amazing that I could cry. That was the most terrible thing that a person would do to Boston.

    • Thank you for visiting Wonderopolis today, Yossi, Liberty, and Trebez. We know that the events that took place in Boston earlier this year require us to be emotionally strong, especially because it makes us sad to know what happened. We are very proud of each of you for sharing your comments with us today, you are strengthening you minds by WONDERing with us! We’ll see you soon! :)

    • Thought: I changed my mind it was actually a pretty good video.
      Connection: It reminded me of a movie that I watched during the weekend.

  14. Thoughts: I thought that it was a good video, and I think it was about the Boston bombing.
    Prediction:I think tomorrow’s video will be about dirt, soil, or digging.
    Connection:Not everybody’s strong in my family, physically, but most of us are strong mentally and emotionally.
    WWOTD: I possess the feeling of happiness when I read or write

    • Hey there, Joseph, Jacob, and Alexa, thanks for sharing your comments with us today! :)

      We are glad you shared your thoughts about today’s Wonder, especially since it’s a tough Wonder video to think about. We believe you’re all very strong for supporting those affected by the tragedy in Boston earlier this year.

      Thanks for telling us how you feel about today’s strong Wonder! We are proud of you! :)

  15. Awww thats’ really sad connection: I was really strong too once
    prediction: the next wonder is going to be about animals

  16. Thought: I thought the wonder was pretty inspirational to those who are not physically strong and feel bad for themselves.

    Connection: I once felt bad because I wasn’t strong cause my friend kept teasing me because she thought she was stronger but now I don’t care whose stronger because we all have our weaknesses.

    Prediction: I think tomorrow’s wonder will be about digging deeper

  17. Thought: you can be physically and mentally strong not all people are physically strong but you can be mentally strong.
    Connection: just like everybody I don’t have to be physically strong but I have to be mentally strong.
    WWOTD: we possess the power to do great things.
    Prediction: I think tomorrow’s wonder of the day will be about digging.

    • Good afternoon, Nick, Brianna, and Nathan! Thanks for visiting us today to Wonder about strengths of all kinds! We sure did learn a lot from today’s Wonder and we’ve enjoyed reading your comments, too! :)

      Strength comes in lots of different forms and we’re glad you shared your thoughts about what you learned today, Wonder Friends! Keep using your WONDERful imaginations to exercise your mental strength! :)

  18. I learned you don’t have to lift weights to be in good shape. (Elvira)
    I learned brain power and emotional awareness are the key strengths. (Ella)
    I learned you have to eat the right foods and exercise to keep yourself healthy. (Clarissa)
    I learned you don’t need big muscles to be strong. (Wallace)

    Prediction: How far do you have to dig to find water? (Sarah) How far can a mole dig? (Jose) Do people find something special or fossils when they dig? (David) Can a police dog sniff out a dead body? (Hudson)

    • Hey there, Mrs. Hess’ Class, welcome back to Wonderopolis! What fun to Wonder about different types of strengths with all of you today! We love your SUPER comments, Elvira, Ella, Clarissa, and Wallace! Strength does not always refer to physical strength, and we’re glad we all learned something new today! :)

      WOOHOO for Sarah, Jose, David, and Hudson! You have some super awesome predictions for tomorrow’s Wonder of the Day! We look forward to discovering it! :)

  19. Thought: I thought that the video was kind of sad in a way seeing that all those people died.
    Connection: it was kind of like the Sandy Hook shooting.

  20. I really liked the video and what was going on in the video and when I read it was really nice for you guys to do that.

  21. My prediction is are you strong because, I learned about are you strong
    and it was sad some the people died, real sad. I thought that I didn’t know that
    you can from dying not being strong.

    • Good afternoon, Otto, Alaina, and Damlyn, we are happy you’re here today! We are glad you shared your comments with us and used your imaginations to Wonder about strengths. What kinds of strengths do you possess?

      We’re sorry about the terrible events that took place in Boston, too, Wonder Friends. We hope you’ll talk to a family member or adult you trust about your feelings, it always makes us feel better to talk to someone else. :)

  22. I thought the video was great and the text it was nice to see a cross when a kid died.

    Connection: My brother was strong when he had a fight but when someone died he got weak.

    Prediction: What I think is that tomorrow it’s going to be about people that dig in the ground.

  23. I know what this was about, it’s the Boston Marathon Bombing report. You guys were telling me in the video is not about being physically strong but mentally. People were trying so hard to hold back tears.

    Connection: My mom and dad had to be mentally strong not to cry in front of my sisters while at our brother’s funeral.
    Prediction:what the next wonder of the day is about building.

    • Hi there, Melissa, Emily, and Kayla, we are very happy you’re here today. We know this Wonder can be a tough topic, especially if you have gone through a tough time yourself. It always makes us feel better to talk to a family member or an adult about our feelings, happy or sad. Thank you for sharing your very special connections to today’s Wonder, friends. We are proud of you! :)

  24. I Thought: The video would be about lifting weights, but it was really about Boston Strong.

    Connection: My aunt survived Boston Strong.

    Prediction: I predict tomorrow’s wonder of the day might be about digging up something.

  25. I thought that it would show a lot of strong people it was a sad video though. :) :( My dog died so is that a connection :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( ;( …
    You guys didn’t answer my other messages from a week ago how comes that my name is Kaleb g Keedy :(

    • Thanks for sharing your comments, Jayce, Ameerah, and Kaleb. We are glad we could all learn about your connections to today’s strong Wonder. We can be strong in many different ways, including mentally, physically, and emotionally. We hope all of us will be emotionally strong for family and friends when they are going through a tough time. Sometimes a smile can make someone’s day WONDERful! :)

  26. I thought the topic was a good one to pick.
    connection: My uncle is very strong he was in the army.
    prediction: How much to you garden?

  27. I thought it was very sad cause children died from the Boston bomb. Connection: I had some of my nana’s friends that were in Boston. Prediction: what I think tomorrow’s is mining.

    • Hello Wonder Friends Kiya, Haley, and Arielle! Thanks for sharing your kind comments with us today – we know this topic can be tough to Wonder about. Sometimes when we think about tough times in our lives, like losing a friend or family member, we feel sad and emotional. However, our friends and family can help us to be emotionally strong and get through the tough times. We hope to Wonder with you again. Keep up the great work! :)

  28. I thought: this was a really sad video.
    Connection:I know what it was about, it was the Boston bombing. My aunt left Boston just on time before the bombing but I wish no one died like Lu Khristen and Martin.
    I perdict tomorrow’s lesson will be about plants

  29. I thought that was a very sad video but I was thoughtfully strong.I learned that there are two different ways to be strong.

  30. I thought it was sad but the article was great it explained a lot and made everyone feel great when said we’re unique thought it was a great article.

    • Good afternoon, Kadynce, Kamiyah, and Devon, thanks for visiting us to Wonder today! :)

      While today’s Wonder made some of us feel different emotions, including sadness, we are very proud of you for WONDERing with us. We have enjoyed reading your comments and learning something new with you, too. Keep up the great work, Wonder Friends! :)

  31. My mom says I have too much strangth, but like you said I have a lot of smartness but I need some strength, so I go and reach to my goals. I’m a genius in math. ;) :D

    • Hi there, Aberim, we’re sorry to hear that you are sad after WONDERing with us. We understand, and we feel sad thinking about the tragic events that happened in Boston earlier this year. Sometimes it helps to talk about our feelings with a family member or adult we trust. When we talk about our emotions with another person, it helps us to feel better. We hope you’ll do just that, Aberim. Keep your chin up, Wonder Friend! :)

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts about our Wonder video,Kaleb, Khristian, Macie, and Tacoria. We are very proud of you for telling us how you felt after watching the Wonder video. We know it’s tough to be emotionally strong, especially when things happen that make us feel sad. We also know that it helps to talk to a family member or adult we trust when we’re feeling down. We hope you’ll talk about your thoughts together, it’s a great way to express how you feel. We are so glad you are here, Wonder Friends! :)

  32. I am the strongest out of all my siblings, and the fastest runner. The Boston bombing was very sad. I am very glad that they caught the people who did it. Thank you for today’s wonder!

    • WOW, thanks for telling us about your awesome running skills, Berkleigh! We feel sad when we think about the events that took place in Boston earlier this year, too, and we’re glad you shared your feelings with us. Thanks for visiting and saying hello! We always love WONDERing with you! :)

  33. Wonderopolis, how strong can you get? I didn’t learn so much on that question. Thank you! P.S. I really like you guys….DON’T BLUSH but keep doing what you’re doing….PLEASE!!

    • Thanks for WONDERing with us today, Lexy! We’re so glad you enjoy visiting Wonderopolis and learning with us! We’re lucky to have a great Wonder Friend like you! Keep up the SUPER work and use your imagination, Lexy! :)

  34. I learned that it’s a different kind of strong. I was surprised by the sadness. I want to know more about the people. I really liked that.

  35. I learned that muscles do not mean you are strong. It is also can be that your soul proves if you’re strong. I was surprised that each person has a special stregth and weakness. I want to know more about that tragedy that happen there. You shound do a video about strong people that also have a soft side.

  36. I didn’t really learn anything new. I was surprised by how many people were there. I want to know more about what exactly happened. I enjoyed this video!

  37. I learned that you do not have to lift weights and work out to be strong. I was surprised by that eating heathy makes you strong. I want to learn more about this topic. I liked the video too.

  38. I learned that so many people’s lives have changed. I was surprised by how many people were injured in the bombing. I want to know more about the experience people had that were there at the marathon. This is a very cool video.

  39. I learned that muscles do not make you strong. I was surprised because it was about the Boston Marathon. I want to know how to be stronger with my soul. I needed to be strong when my Grandpa died.

  40. I learned that some people aren’t really strong, but they look really strong. I was surprised that you can just eat the right food to be strong. I want to know more about lifting weights to be strong. This is going to be helpful to me in some way. I know it.

  41. Wow thats cool iv always want to now that
    owowowosowsososososososososos sssooooooooooo cccccccccoooooooool thx so much wonderoplis

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