Do you enjoy school? Or are you ready to enter the workforce? If you’ve ever gotten a taste of earning your own spending money, getting a job may sound like a good idea.

Trust us, though. Enjoy school while you can and make the most of it! The things you learn in school will help you build a foundation upon which you can build a fantastic future!

Work is a reality of grown-up life. Some people have jobs they love, while others work all their lives in jobs that are unsatisfying. It’s important to have passion for the work you do, because you spend a lot of your life doing it!

Not everyone works at a typical job, though. Sometimes people start their own businesses and work for themselves. They’re the boss and that’s how they like it! We call these people entrepreneurs.

An entrepreneur is someone who starts, manages, and accepts the risks of a new business enterprise. In fact, the word “entrepreneur” is borrowed from the French word meaning “one who undertakes or manages.”

Can anyone be an entrepreneur? Absolutely! Should everyone be an entrepreneur? Not necessarily! Entrepreneurs have particular personalities that are suited for taking risks and running a business. Other people are often better suited to work for entrepreneurs. It all depends upon your personality.

Even kids can be entrepreneurs. Have you ever run a lemonade stand in the summer? If so, you were being an entrepreneur! Many kids come up with great ideas and then get help from adults to turn their ideas into new businesses. Check out the entrepreneur featured in the video for Wonder 754.

If you’re going to be a successful entrepreneur one day, there are a few qualities you’ll need to have. Successful entrepreneurs tend to be good leaders who can manage others well and build teams of workers who are inspired to follow the entrepreneur’s vision for the business.

If you think you might want to be an entrepreneur one day, here are some things you can focus on to prepare yourself while you’re young:

  • Learn how to set goals! Setting goals — and then accomplishing them — will help you learn how to develop foresight and planning skills. It’ll also help you in all areas of life, not just business!
  • Learn how to recognize opportunities! If you only see roadblocks, you’ll never get to where you want to go. Learn to turn obstacles into opportunities and you’ll get to places you never dreamed you’d go!
  • Learn all you can about money! Financial literacy is a must for future entrepreneurs. Learning about money at an early age will help you develop financial knowledge that will benefit you the rest of your life.
  • Give free reign to your creative side! Starting a new business means attracting new customers. In a world filled with millions of options vying for our attention, it’s more important than ever to be creative in marketing your business.
  • Get comfortable with failure! No business is an absolute success from the very start. Failing is OK…as long as you learn an important lesson from it. Perseverance and learning from mistakes have been the basis for many successful ventures.

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    • You can do anything if you put your mind to it, Timothy! Have you had any great ideas for a cool invention or service lately? :)

  1. I think tomorrow’s wonder is eggs. I don’t know why but if it isn’t I think it’s chicken. ^.^=~Hannah

    • Hey there, Wonder Friend Hannah~402! We are so glad you enjoyed our Wonder all about what it means to be an entrepreneur today. It sounds like Junior Achievement is a really cool program, especially since you’re familiar with our Wonder today! Great work… we think you’ll enjoy the next Wonder, Hannah! :)

    Eriana – I thought the video was good because it told you the steps to become an entrepreneur.
    Michael – It gave great information on how/what an entrepreneur does and is.
    Devante – Can an entrepreneur work in a car wash?

    Phebe – I used to face painting.
    Joey – I used to run McDonalds. (?)
    Rachel – I don’t want to be an entrepreneur when I grow up.

    Kayla – Food?
    Terrianna – McDonalds?
    Micah – Cookies?

    • WOOHOO, our Wonder Friends in Mrs. Liles’ Class are WONDERing all about entrepreneurs today! YIPPEE! We bet some of you will be small business owners (or large business owners) in the future, and we are excited that you shared your awesome comments with us! We’ve enjoyed them all; thank you Eriana, Michael, Devante, Phebe, Joey, Rachel, Kayla, Terriana, and Micah!

      An entrepreneur can work in any business, industry, or area of expertise. An entrepreneur uses his or her mind to create cool products, services and ideas for others to use. He or she makes money from his or her very own ideas! If you want to open a car wash in your town, you would be an entrepreneur! We are so glad you liked our Wonder video and you shared your thoughts and connection with us!

      Thanks for asking awesome questions and using the context clues to form your prediction, too! WAY TO GO WONDER FRIENDS! :)

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Have you ever wondered…

  • Are you an entrepreneur?
  • What does entrepreneur mean?
  • Can anyone be an entrepreneur?

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Find a friend or family member to help you explore one or more of the following activities that will help extend your learning about entrepreneurs:

  • Who has had the courage to step out and take a risk on a new business venture? Over the course of history, many people have become entrepreneurs and boldly taken the path less traveled. To learn more about some of the most famous entrepreneurs of all time, jump online to read History’s 10 Greatest Entrepreneurs. What do you think? Which of the 10 entrepreneurs listed do you think deserves the title of #1 Entrepreneur of All Time? Why?
  • Do you personally know any entrepreneurs? Give it some thought? Do you have a friend or family member who runs a small business? Chances are that, even if you don’t know a close friend or relative who owns a business, you probably have a friend of a friend who does. To get an up-close and personal look at entrepreneurship, pay a visit to an entrepreneur you know. If it’s a friend of a friend, invite your friend along to make an introduction for you. Talk with the entrepreneur about the risks involved in starting a business. Has success always been easy? What struggles exist? After talking with an entrepreneur, what do you think? Could you be an entrepreneur? Why or why not?
  • So are you an entrepreneur? Do you like to take risks? Would you like to run your own business? As you’ve learned, being an entrepreneur is no easy task. You need passion and great ideas…and lots of energy for all the hard work that running a business requires. What are you passionate about? What do you enjoy doing that you couldn’t imagine not having as part of your life? Think about these questions and discuss them with your friends or a family member. What do they think you’re passionate about? Can you think of any way to turn those passions into a business? Don’t worry if you can’t. You can’t make inspiration strike at will. Sometimes things have to sit in the back of your mind for a while before you’re able to see them from the right angle that will inspire that next great idea. And, ultimately, you might not be an entrepreneur…and that’s OK! Perhaps your passions will help you find the perfect career that will satisfy you, even if you don’t own or run your own business!

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