What would you do if someone asked you to spend the next four years working with your arms raised above your head? Sound like a form of medieval torture?

It was a similar request that launched the project that eventually became one of the most renowned works of art in the world. The masterpiece? The Sistine Chapel. The man behind the paintbrush? Michelangelo.

Have your child close their eyes and imagine a painter. Ask them to describe what they see. Most of the time their vision will include a canvas, but as they’ll soon discover, not all canvases are created equal.

Head to Italy to experience the breathtaking beauty of Michelangelo’s painting firsthand and introduce your child to one of the world’s greatest works of art — take a virtual tour of the Sistine Chapel. Use your mouse to explore the room from every angle.

Thanks to this online tour, you no longer need to hop a plane to share the wonders of the Sistine Chapel with your child. With just the click of a button, you are instantly transported to your very own private tour of the masterpiece. No lines. No tourists. Just you and a beautiful view.


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    • Hi, Logan! Thanks for checking out a past Wonder of the Day® and leaving us a comment to let us know you were here! We WONDER how long it took that creative girl in the video to paint her masterpiece? We thought it was a WONDERful piece of artwork! :-)

  1. That was so so soooooooooo…………BORING!
    No wonder it wasn’t rated! (No offense wonderopolis but you should really choose videos that are not as boring as that! It may have been a beautiful piece of artwork but in my opinion I thought it was boring! And again I didn’t mean many harm and AGAIN NO OFFENSE!)

    • Hi there, Fliss, we are glad you commented today! We appreciate and value your thoughts about our artistic Wonder. Even if you weren’t too fond of the Sistine Chapel Wonder, we sure hope that you’ll be back to join us soon! Thanks for sharing your comment– we hope you have a WONDERful day! :)

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Have you ever wondered…

  • Does all art have to hang on the wall?
  • What is the Sistine Chapel?
  • Who is Michelangelo?

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Then, invite your aspiring artist to spend an afternoon in Michelangelo’s shoes by bringing the Sistine Chapel into your home and underneath your table. Be sure to spread out newspapers or an old sheet beforehand to catch any drips or drops — this could get messy!

Tape a large piece of paper to the underside of your kitchen table. Have your child lie on their back underneath the table and begin painting.

Pay special attention to how much (or little!) time passes before their arms begin to tire. Don’t forget to document your little one’s masterpiece, especially while they’re creating it!


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