what are word for?

Madalyn’s teacher sent home all the Kindergarten word wall words for us to practice. All the words from 1st quarter are on one color paper, 2nd quarter another color, and so on. The papers were designed so we could cut them apart to use as flash cards. We now have a pile of yellow, green, orange, and blue words. I am not a big fan of using flashcards in isolation, so I suggested to Madalyn that we play a game.

Before I could describe the game I was thinking about, Madalyn started laying out the cards and telling me about the game she wanted to play. We laid the cards face down on the table in a pattern. She had the yellow and orange cards in front of her. The blue and green cards were in front of me. Madalyn closed her eyes and then selected a card. After she read the word on the card, she made up a sentence containing that word. When it was my turn, I would pick a card, let her read it to me, and create a sentence. At times we chose two or three cards at a time. I tried to get her to try to create sentences that included both or all words, but she stuck with one word per sentence. There were times she had more than one sentence per word!

As I listened to her sentences, I noticed that the sentences were not simple. The teacher in me heard very descriptive phrases, verb tenses, and details.I started wondering where those skills came from … she was sounding out some of the sight words but using beautiful many times and even used antagonize correctly.

Madalyn talks a lot, but she also listens, observes, remembers, and asks questions …

Based on those actions, she has a large and quite imaginative verbal vocabulary …

I want to support, encourage, and continue to develop this important part of her literacy …

Here are some past Wonders of the Day from Wonderopolis that I think go along with playing with and enjoying words (although there are wonderful Wonder Words each day):

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