I wonder if you would you would like to read A Noodle Up Your Nose?

What do you think it could be about?

Why do you think the author chose to give that name to a book?

What do you predict could happen in this story?

What images do you have in your mind just caused by the title?

Would your predictions change based on what you might see on the cover of a book?

What do you wonder based on what you see?

Could your predictions change based on what you might read on the back of the book?

How could the answers to the first several questions change after reading a page or two of this book?

How do you think predictions would change after you read the first chapter of the book?

What do you wonder based on what you read?

What information do you use to make predictions for a story?

Here is the summary of the book found on BigUniverse Learning:

When Violet thinks that she isn’t invited to Kate’s birthday party, she spreads rumors that threaten to ruin everything.

Kate has decided on a pirate theme for her party. She thinks that seven is going to be the best age to be. Her friend Jake is going to teach her to ride a two-wheeler. And her party is going to be fabulous. That is, until Violet starts spreading stories. Kate goes right on with her planning, but she is worried. When Violet is the only one to show up on the big day, Kate thinks that her worst fears have come true.  

I wonder if your prediction was correct based on the name of the book?

What happens if your prediction is not correct?

Do you make a new set of predictions?

I wonder what those would be …

How can making predictions and thinking about what you are reading help make you a better reader?

Here are some articles and lessons I found on making predictions on ReadWriteThink:

Do you have other books that would be great to use along with lessons on making predictions?

I found books with unusual or even funny titles worked the best for getting students thinking about guessing (predicting).

What books would you suggest using?

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