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I am getting some indications that we may be watching a bit too much football at my house recently (we are glad college basketball has started).

Tonight while eating dinner, Madalyn asked us why the football players have those black marks under their eyes. I decided to let her father answer that question.

He asked her if she had noticed all those bright lights at the football stadium. He said that the black lines worked kinda like sunglasses to help reflect the lights from getting in the eyes of the players.

Madalyn shook her head and replied, “yeah, just like the black marks around a cheetah’s eyes.” My husband and I both looked at each before responding. Under his breath, he told me that we should check that out before confirming.

So after dinner I went to the computer and found out that what my 5 year daughter said is absolutely true about the black marks around a cheetah’s eyes according to TheAnimalFiles.com:

Their head is small and rounded and they have black “tear marks” running from the corner of their eyes to the corner their mouth. These tear marks help keep the sun light out of the Cheetahs eyes to enable them to see better while hunting.

Based on Madalyn’s wonder, Neil and I both learned something today …

I think that will happen many more times during the Wonder Year Adventure …

And we look forward to all wondering and learning together!


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