Students last year in the newspaper business.

When I am getting ready to start a new Social Studies unit, I always check Wonderopolis to see which wonders can support the new unit. We are weaving our economics unit JA Biztown with our government unit.  It really is not too far of a stretch because in Biztown the students will run their city for the day and they will elect their own mayor and vote on some laws.  It is a really exciting interactive learning program that is sponsored by Junior Achievement.

There are two ways to find supporting wonders for your content areas.  The first way is typing in your subject area in the search area.

The second way is to click on the Wonder of the Day and scroll down to the bottom and click on the hot links.  Those links are grouped according to subject areas.

For my economics unit/government unit I found the following wonders.

Wonder #401 What is Suffrage?
Wonder #194 Why Do You Have to Pay Taxes?
Wonder #174 How Many Judges Are on the Supreme Court?
Wonder #158  How is a $1 Dollar Bill Made?
Wonder #444  When is a Sale a Bargain?
Wonder #382 What is Compound Interest?

As you can see, it is extremely easy to find wonders that support all areas of curriculum. It is as easy as type, click and search.

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