Madalyn got to do some wondering this week … without her mom and dad!

Madalyn went with her grandparents and another little girl to explore a couple of holiday traditions in Winston-Salem, NC.

Their first stop was Mrs. Hanes’ Hand-Made Moravian Cookie Store!

Moravian Cookies are thin, thin, thin cookies! They are so tasty and come in several flavors!

At Mrs. Hanes’ Store, all the cookies are hand-made and even cut with cookie cutters!

Madalyn got to take a tour, see cookies being made, and even got to try a cookie just out of the oven!

This is a place full of family history and WONDERful stories!

Even if you can’t visit the store in person, they have a picture tour you can take!

Look at these amazing facts they provide:



Can you even imagine that much flour? That many cookies? That many cookies in the oven at once?

You can even find some places this family-owned shop has been highlighted and reviewed on their site!

I think my favorite cookie of the one from Mrs. Hanes’ Hand-Made Moravian Cookie Store is the Ginger Spice one!

I wonder what your favorite would be …

Wonderopolis has a past wonder that fits great with this family learning experience:#427 What”s Your Favorite Holiday Cookie?


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  1. Thank you, Madalyn for wondering about Moravian cookies. Your trip to Winston-Salem took me back to my childhood. I grew up near Old Salem. I loved those cookies so much! They were so thin that they would possibly cut the roof of your mouth. Yet, they were so tasty! Thanks again, for sharing!

    • Thanks for sharing your WONDERful comment, Laura B! We think it’s so cool that you have tasted these delicious cookies from North Carolina, too! It’s great when our Wonder Friends have so much in common! Have a great day, Laura! :)

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