Where has this month gone?

November is just around the corner ….

I wonder what things have happened in history during the month of November …

EDSITEment from the National Endowment for the Humanities has a calendar just for that!

For each day there are years and events listed, and if you click on that event, you can access related lesson plans, websites, and/or student resources.

You can also use the View by Subject drop down menu to select which subject category will appear on the calendar:

  • Art & Culture
  • Foreign Language
  • History & Social Studies
  • Literature & Language Arts

This could be an idea for research …

An interesting fact for the day ….

A daily challenge to make a connection to something in history …

So many options …

But why wait until next month to look at an EDSITEment calendar?

October has one too!

Did you know that on this day in 1915, 25,000 women marched in New York demanding the right to vote?

Did you know that two days from now in 1881, Pablo Picasso was born?

I wonder what other interesting things you could find looking at these calendars?

What is something in history that happened on your birthday?

EDSITEment is a content partner of Thinkfinity!

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    • Don’t worry, Anthony, there are plenty of Wonder available here at Wonderopolis! What you were reading about was actually from a blog post about a cool historical calendar. You can find all our Wonders– which are full of cool information and videos– right here: http://wonderopolis.org/wonders/ ! :)

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