Sign for the Leprechaun Museum, Dublin

The Leprechauns are on the Loose!

This week Madalyn brought home a letter …

Dear Junior Detectives and Families,

We need your help! Since it is the month of March, we think there could be a Leprechaun loose in our room.

Your job is to create a leprechaun trap to catch him for St. Patrick’s Day. You can use any materials that you wish. Some suggestions are a shoebox, a ceral box, and a Kleenex box. Be sure to create some type of trap that will close. There are three guidelines to follow:

  1. This is a family activity and should include your whole family is possible!
  2. The Junior Dective needs to be able to bring it to school and set it up by him/herself! (nothing heavy or dangerous, please)
  3. Have Fun and Be Creative!

Please decorate your trap to attract a leprechaun. What do you think leprechauns like? What color do you think they like best? What do you think leprechauns eat?

I was away at a conference for a few days this week, so my creative 5 year old and engineer husband started planning.  (I now realize that could be an interesting and possibly dangerous combination)

Here is a message Neil sent me after he and Madalyn brainstormed the first time:

Madalyn and I discussed our leprechaun trap last night and we have a great plan…

I asked her about leprachans and what they like:


4-leaf clovers

Lucky charms

 We then talked about what to do…I helped her on this part…

We are going to have a pot of gold with a rainbow from it, 4 leaf clovers around it and some lucky charms. A cage will be hanging above the pot of gold ready to drop on him. My addition was we are going to have the pot of gold linked to a shocker mechanism that will shock the leprechaun and stun him while the cage drops on the leprechaun! Nice.

She and I are both real excited about this project. We will need to go to Radio shack and to the store for stuff.


By the time I got home yesterday, I think the plans had changed again …. Madalyn has been drawing her plan and Neil has be sketching ideas, searching the internet, and considering possible materials (that is what he does as an engineer).  I keep reminding that this project is for Kindergarten ….


So our family plan for today is to work on creating and decorating … (that is why I added Part One to the title of the post).

This is a great opportunity for us to wonder together as a family!!!

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