So here we are for Creepy Crawling Critter Week at Camp What-A-Wonder!

Creepy Crawling Critters are not really our thing …

But the mosquitoes really like Madalyn ….

They eat her up!

I am not too sure that we really like them though ….

Earlier this week on Wonderopolis, we found out that mosquitoes spend time living and sleeping underwater! (Wonder #652 Where do bugs sleep?)

We did a lttle searching on Thinkfinity to try to learn more about mosquitoes and found a K-2 Lesson on National Geographic Education called Insects We Love and Hate!

Even though this is a lesson plans, there are many ideas there for things we can do at home!

The lesson starts off with children drawing the “creepy-crawlies” they have seen and then talk about things they like and dislike about the creatures. (Madalyn loves to draw)

The next part of the lesson has students looking at websites to find pictures of insects. Here are the ones suggested, but I am sure there are many more options:

  • Digital Dragonflies
  • Insecta Inspecta World (fleas)
  • PBS: Tales from the Hive (bees)
  • USGS: Common Butterflies of North America
  • Why Lice Aren’t So Nice

Here are some ideas about what could be done next in a classroom:



What are some ideas parents could do using these suggestions for inspiration?

Here is the suggested closing in the lesson plan:




Just reading that closing gives me some great ideas about possible art projects or even stories to write! I wonder if we could use a digital storytelling tool, like Storybird, to create a story with that idea! We’ll just have to see ….

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