We wonder what doors and windows you have opened today?

Front door? Back door? Car door?

Has opening those doors or windows allowed you to see and/or feel anything different? unique?

Think about all the doors and windows that technology has made accessible for both us and our students …

Think about all the possible learning experiences that have been made possible …

Madalyn loved our time with Wonderopolis at the Louisville Zoo in KY and with her cousins at a zoo here in NC, but she still finds it very interesting to be able to watch the animals via webcam and videos (I admit that I do too).

Imagine the wonder and curiosity these images would create for children who have seen animals like this before but especially for those who have not ….

I know that I have written about animal webcams before:

But I think I have discovered even more animal videos and webcams almost everywhere I looked this week …
So we are wondering what doors and windows you opened to allow for wondering and exploration?

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