Are there certain days that remind of things or make you think of specific things?

February 2nd is one of those days for me …

I know that it is Groundhog’s Day … and the things I remember have a bit of a connection with that. (There is a great Wonderopolis Wonder of the Day about Groundhog’s Day: )

When I was in the second grade, my teacher’s name was Mrs. Edwards (so when I was first called that, it had an odd sound to it) and there was a teacher’s assistant in our class all day long. I am sad to admit that I can’t remember her name, but her birthday was on February 2nd.

So each year on February 2nd, I remember my 2nd grade class!

One of the distinct memories I have was something that teachers did to spark our curiousity leading up to St. Patrick’s Day. When we came into the classroom, there would be small green footprints leading to clues. Each day there were certain things for us to find and do in class to help our Leprechaun friends. We were engaged and wanted to find the answers to the clues, so we would be able to get new ones the next day.

I can connect that memory with the way that Wonderopolis asks questions to engage curiosity and exploration … as well as the way they share information clues!

I don’t necessarily remember the specific information we learned, but I do remember the experience …

I wonder what memories our children and students are going to have based on the things we do in the classroom …

(By the way, a few years ago I was on a scrapbooking website and started a conversation with someone else who had grown up in Winston-Salem, NC. It turned out to be the daughter of Mrs. Edwards. A few days later she shared with me that her mother remembered having me in class. Mrs. Edwards has since passed away. I have a friend who was also in that class, and she was inspired to do similar Leprechaun activities with her students when she taught 2nd grade.)

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