As I was walking around a school today, one of the teachers called for me to come into her classroom so she could tell me about the things she was doing with some of the instructional technology resources I had shared with her.

Cathy was telling me about all the things she is doing to prepare students for reading The Egypt Game. Just seeing the shine in her eyes and hearing the excitement in her voice made me smile.

Cathy is using things on WonderopolisWatchKnowLearn, and some online news articles to build the background knowledge students need to fully comprehend the things in this book.

She talked about how she is now able to start each class with something different so students don’t know what to expect. They come in with the anticipation of learning!

Have you noticed the way the information on Wonderopolis is grouped in short sets of sentences? Cathy does, and loves the way it allows her to stop, discuss questions, and check for understanding.

Are some of your days packed with so much stuff to do that you can only spend a few minutes on Wonderopolis? Are there days where you can afford to spend a little more time discussing certain topics and questions students have? Cathy is never quite sure what her daily schedule will look like, but she feels that with Wonderopolis she can easily adjust whether students just watch the movie and talk for a minute or it they get to explore and fully discuss!

Do your students miss things that you do each day when you have to be absent one day? Cathy had a meeting that took her out of class one day last week, so students did not get to see the video and explore on Wonderopolis. When they showed up the next day, they could not wait for her to go back so they could see what they missed!

Here are some of the favorite Wonders from her class:

photo credit: khalid almasoud via photo pin cc

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