I’ve used Wonderopolis in my 2nd grade classroom to help introduce and teach different types of figurative language.  Below are the Wonders and some links to posts that I have created about using the Wonders to help teach figurative language.


#702 Are You Sly as a Fox?

Using Wonderopolis to Teach an Author’s Craft – Similes


#821 What Is a Metaphor?


#516 Do Woodchucks Really Chuck Wood?


#259 Did Father Time Have Children?

#527 Who Is Uncle Sam?

Personification of Wonderopolis


#299 Why Are They Called “Flip-Flops”?


#766 When Will Pigs Fly?

Using Wonderopolis for a Spook-tacular Writing Workshop Lesson


#77 Why Do People Say “A Dime A Dozen”?

#147 Why Do People Say “A Stitch In Time Saves Nine”?

#459 Which Side Is the Wrong Side of the Bed?

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