Today my daughter and I went to lunch with my parents. I was telling my dad about a challenge I posted on my blog which involves changing perspectives and one of the ideas was to find a line drawing to copy and to turn it upside down before attempting to draw it on your own. (That change will take the meaning of the image away and allow you to focus on the lines which involves a different area of the brain and a different type of thinking).

My daughter heard upside down and raised her hand to tell me about something they did in class this week.

Madalyn started by saying that there was an artist she did not remember the name of but he had to paint a ceiling to he built a tall ladder and platform. My dad asked if she was talking about Michelangelo. She got the biggest smile on her face when her knew what she was talking about!

She went on to tell us how when they were learning about that this week, they each had to tape a paper under the table and lay on the floor to draw a picture!  She thought it was hard!

I used to do a similar activity with my students when we read the book From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs Basil E Frankweiler by E. L. Konigsburg.

My parents just returned from a trip they took to Rome and the Holy Lands. Dad was excited to tell Madalyn that they had been to the Sistine Chapel and had some pictures.

We happened to be eating in an Italian restaurant for lunch. The owner is originally from Italy and came out to talk to my parents about their trip, so Madalyn got to hear his accent as well as the information he had to share about the country of which he is so proud.

Learning is certainly a family affair for us and we never know what opportunities will arise …

And it just so happens that there is a past Wonder on Wonderopolis that goes along great with out lunch conversation: Wonder #23: What would you paint on your ceiling?

I can’t wait for us to take the virtual trip linked in that wonder!

And to see the pictures from my parent’s trip ….

Learning as a family can span the generations!


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