Today is August 1st, which is Spider-Man Day.  The last couple of months have been jam packed with super hero movies from The Avengers to the newest (and last) installment of Batman’s legacy.  But with all the comic craziness going on, today is reserved just for the masked marvel, Spiderman.

50 years ago, Peter Parker (or more famously known as Spiderman) came to life in an 11-paged comic book called “The Amazing Fantasy.”  It was the last issue of the series written by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko and although it was cancelled because of the lack of readers, this issue took readers by storm.  The Marvel Universe was still in the beginning stages and introduced characters like the Fantastic Four, the Hulk, and Ant-Man.  In the final installment of “The Amazing Fantasy,” Spiderman was introduced as a gawky teenage boy who was neither a sidekick or a part of an organization of super heros that supported each other.  This story line seemed to resonate with many teens during the 60s and eventually motivated Lee and Ditko to give Spiderman is very own series.

In today’s era, Spiderman is a comic icon and is recognized all over the world.  Each movie and comic book has been translated into several thousands of languages and has made billions of dollars each time.  Spiderman is one of the most successful and popular super heros and today is the day to celebrate his success and cult-like following.  Although the origin of this random holiday remains a mystery, it has become viral among comic readers and Spiderman fanatics of all ages.

So don’t just sit there!  Celebrate Spiderman Day by doing whatever a spider can.  Spin a web with yarn and hang it in a window.  Use construction paper and glitter to make your own Spiderman mask. Don a Spiderman costume and do some errands. Or… you can always do the normal thing and grab a bowl of popcorn and hold a Spiderman movie marathon.  Personally, I suggest you check out the newest Spiderman movie.  Not only was it amazing, it was true to the story line (always a plus when it comes to movies).

Whatever you decide to do to celebrate, make sure you and your family have fun and remember to always WONDER!

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