Tonight at the dinner table, I overheard an interesting conversation …

Neil asked Madalyn what she learned about today in Kindergarten. After thinking for a few minutes, Madalyn said, “3d shapes” and then immediately got up from her seat to describe what that mean and to find examples in the kitchen.

She pointed at the small hutch behind the table (which Neil built) and said, “The top of it is just a rectangle but when you add the other sides it makes it 3D.”

Then she pointed at the doorknob saying, “This is a circle but when you add all the way around, it is 3D!!”

(She emphasized the 3D part very loudly.)

Neil looked at her and asked if she knew what he did each day ….

She glanced at me with a questioning look on her face.

Neil told her that he draws shapes, like squares, and then makes 3D models using the computer.

She looked at him and said, “Oh, ok.”

It was interesting for me to see Neil making a connection for Madalyn between what she was learning in school and what he does at his job each day!


Picture taken in Raleigh, NC

It just so happens that we found something about 3D shapes on Wonderopolis:

(I promise that I did not find a past Wonder and than make them have a conversation so I could write a blog post …. there are so many topics that can be related to past and present Wonders of the Day.)

Thinkfinity also has some good lessons and activities on 3D shapes … even though more are for older elementary than younger elementary students. Here are a few:

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