Recently, I have been showing quite a few TED Talks from various years and by various people to my various classes. I have found that they are an enormously useful tool to bring the “real world” into the Science classroom. They are short enough and entertaining enough to keep the kids engaged, which is something that you can really fight for while showing a video in class!

The first video I showed was to demonstrate the importance and WAY cool ways that cephalopods (“head foots”) like cuttlefish and octopus are able to camouflage themselves in the shallow seas. The talk that I showed was by David Gallo, who discussed the amazing design of these animals in the ocean.

Just this morning, I showed my AP Biology students a talk that was given by Dr. Quyen Nguyen, on color-coded surgery. We were talking in class about Biotechnology and how advances in genetic technology has paved the path to make cancer surgeries a little clearer for the surgeon. Her theme was “Shine the light on surgery.”

These talks are completely accessible and FREE (hooray!) at the website: “Ideas worth spreading.” They are not only science and technology, but also about entertainment, history, math, and really anything you can think of! Look into using them in your secondary classroom, or even with older elementary kids–they also have a great iPad app!

Have you used any of the TED Talks in your classroom? What’s your favorite? Leave me a comment below!

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    • Hi there Josh, thanks for checking out our Wonder Family blogs! We hope you have a great time here at Wonderopolis… we Wonder if you’ve checked out some of our past Wonders? Let us know if you have a favorite! :)

  1. Thanks for the great Wonderopolis site. I teach third grade and try to show a TED Talk at least weekly. We have found very useful talks on animal adaptations, exploration (Ben Saunders is our hero!), imagination, color and light, and storytelling (Marco Tempest is amazing!).

    Of course, every child should see Adora Svitak’s talk on what advantages children have over adults!

    I hope to organize a TEDx event at our school in the near future.

    • Thanks for sharing your comment, Dana! We’re thrilled you’re here! We really appreciate your input on different TED Talks, especially since you’ve been incorporating them in your classroom! We wish you the best of luck and we hope you have a TEDx event at your school, too! Please promise us you’ll let us know when it happens! :)

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