An overview of our morning conversation:

Tom:  What are you doing?
Maria:  Writing first blog of the summer
Tom:  Don’t you need a break from school?
Maria:  This isn’t school – this is summer learning
Tom:  Don’t you need a break?
Maria:  No I’m excited to start my summer virtual PD
Tom:  Really?

My husband believes that I am a little possessed with my blogging, twittering and reading.  I am OK with that because in all honesty I am.  I look forward every summer starting my new learning journey.  I begin ordering my professional books about February and gathering my other books that I want to read again.  Last week on different blogs, I read other summer PD reading lists.

Cathy @ Reflect and Refine: Building a Learning community
Laura @ Our Camp Read-A-Lot 
Jill @ My Primary Passion
Franki @ A Year of Reading 

Laura, Jill, and Cathy will soon be sharing more information about this year’s #cyberPD learning opportunity. I am anxiously waiting to find out what book they choose for this summer.  Last summer,  they focused on Patrick Allen’s Conferring book and I followed twitter silently, but this year I am joining in the conversation.  I was so excited as I saw their summer piles of books because I already have many of them in my own pile – just waiting for me.

Pathways to the Common Core, Calkins, Ehrenworth & Lehman
Write Like This, Kelly Gallagher
Mechanically Inclined, Jeff Anderson
35 Strategies for Guiding Readers through Informational Text, Barbara Moss
Notebook Know How, Aimee Buckner
Revision Toolbox, Georgia Heard
10 Things Every Writer Needs to Know , Jeff Anderson
Choice Words, Peter Johnston

As you can see, many of my books are already tabbed and well loved from this school year.  But I need to revisit these and think about how I can begin to connect to Common Core as well as change some things in my reading & writing workshop.  I am excited for the virtual #cyberPD.  Leave me a comment if you’re traveling the same path with me this summer.

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