Madalyn has one more week until she starts school as a First Grader!


She is excited and has been wondering when school will start.

One day last week I was looking for some creativity books at a library and happened to find Off to First Grade by Louis Borden, which I thought would be great for Miss M.

Here is one of the reviews for this book from BetterWorldBooks:

This is a perfect book for buiding excitement about the school-year and making children feel as if they are all valuable and equally important components of the classroom community. It also touches on the fact that all children are different and will have different expectations and goals for themselves. It’s perfect for early in the school year and of course for first grade!

Here is a quick summary of this book from Amazon:

It’s the first day of first grade, and everyone in Mrs. Miller’s class is getting ready! Anna is excited about reading zillions of books, Ben’s mom gives him a big off-to-first-grade hug, and Claire poses for a first-day picture. In Off to First Grade we hear from all twenty-three of Mrs. Miller’s students – from Anna to Yoshi – and even the school principal, Mr. Zimmerman, as they prepare for a day that promises to be filled with fun, learning and laughs.

Every young reader will find someone to identify with as this class deals with the excitement, nerves and feelings of anticipation that go along with the first day of first grade.


Many of the characters in the book have questions and even wonders about the new year, especially Whit, who wonders about:

  • if his new teacher will be as nice as his Kindergarten teachers
  • if he will get to work at a computer
  • if he will get to write on the board
  • if he will learn to read the words in the first grade books
  • how he will know which desk is his desk

Talking with Madalyn as we read this book, these are some of the same wonders she has about first grade … and she has a few more!

I am sure all students (and teachers and parents) have wonders about the new school year … whether they are in first grade or not!

Good luck to all!

You can find some great school-related past Wonders on Wonderopolis!

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