I’ll be the first to admit that words are absolutely WONDERful.  The etymology (word origin), the sounds, the spelling…I just love words and the power they hold.  So, when I came upon these two spooky words, I just had to share the etymology and the reason why they are so perfect for this time of the year.

The first word is trepidation.  It comes from the Latin word, trepidare, which means to tremble or hurry.  And when you say the word ‘trepidation,’ doesn’t it just sound like something that means to tremble?  Actually, the word trepidation always reminded me of the word ‘trip,’ which is what you do when you are in a hurry or just not paying full attention.  And just saying the word is fun.  Try it.


It sounds so intelligent and official.  Who would’ve known it has such a simple definition (alarmed or scared)?

This Halloween, I hope no one feels any trepidation about the scary costumes they may see while trick or treating.

The second word is totally SPOOKtacular — lycanthropy.  This is another fun word to say.  It’s pronounced lie-can-throw-pea and it comes from the Greek word, lycanthropos, which means “wolf man.”    Lycanthrope means “a person affected with a transformation from wolf to person.”  We all know this can’t really happen, but believe it or not, it’s a real psychiatric condition.  There are people who believe they are half-wolf and half-human and change when there is a full moon.  Strange, but true.  What another WONDERful word for this Halloween!

I’m sure you don’t suffer from lycanthropy, however, don’t be surprised if you see some lycanthropes when you’re out trick or treating!

I hope you have a great Halloween and share the WONDER of the season with others!

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