This is my #200 post – it’s hard to believe. Thanks for traveling along my journey with me.

Tara @ A Teaching Life has started blogging on Wednesdays about Social Studies.  Here is her blurb encouraging other bloggers to join her.   Welcome to Social Studies Wednesday!  I hope you will stop by to share ideas and resources for teaching Social Studies. Please comment and  leave a link to your post, I’ll check in and  round up contributions throughout the day.  If you don’t have a link to share, please leave a comment about the posts in the round up. It’s always good to hear your feedback! I am very excited about this opportunity to cross post with her because I have been posting about Wonder Wednesday, and I plan on making connections with Wonderopolis as well as Social Studies.

Wonderopolis is a wealth of information for all subjects, but I have found the most support in Social Studies and Science. I am constantly searching for strong non fiction that I can share with my class and also have them be able to access the same text at home for homework.  I also share the hot links and interactive websites that each wonder has in support of the topic.  This year I focused on Native Americans on a Wonder Wednesday blog post.  In addition, I also used the following wonders: #45 What is a Totem Pole?  and #53 Why Do Eat Turkey on Thanksgiving?

In addition, I share one of my favorite pictures books:  When the Shadbush Blooms by Carla Messinger.  This book is beautifully illustrated with before/after pictures to allow the reader to go on a visual discovery which is how I introduce the book.  The next day, I read the story aloud and have students listen and take notes on a T Chart finally ending with a compare/contrast lesson. While searching for the cover, I found this You Tube I will definitely be using this video next year.

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