My last few days before Spring break were not what I expected, and I have to admit that the unexpected surprises made me stop to reflect. Have you ever watched the show Blues Clues? I always loved the part where they sang, “We just got a letter, we just got a letter, we just got a letter, I wonder where it’s from?” Starting after Spring break, we will be singing, when my students get their mail. I always have my students write a business letter to request information for their report. I met with my students for writing conferences, and I did a wide variety of mini lessons that were a great review of skills. To be honest most of the review skills, I would have anticipated my students already knew them. I am thankful that I took the time for those conferences. I just mailed their letters this morning, and I was excited to see the wide range of addresses that the letters were mailed too. In addition, I got to teach a “life lesson” that if you mail a letter to London, England it costs a little bit more for postage.  Another fun surprise was on Poetry Friday when Harshitha told me that she wrote a poem with her younger sister at home.  I told her how excited I was that she was working on poetry at home and more importantly working with her sister. But then she asked me if she could go get her first grade sister because they wanted to read it together for our class.  After walking downstairs to get her sister, they shared a special poem: “The Ride on the Bus.”

What a special memory!

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