At Easter, a family brought some rabbits and other animals to the Easter Egg hunt, so we had a petting zoo … I wrote about that experience a little bit previously: Have you had an adventure lately?

These animals were from the Narrow Gate Farm, which is owned by some family friends. Madalyn had a great time, so we talked about making a trip to their farm.

One morning (the day Madalyn went to the spa for her birthday), I got an email from the Narrow Gate Farm asking if we wanted to come see the baby turkeys, chickens, and rabbits. Madalyn had just gotten her nails painted and her hair styled, but she wanted to go ….

Here is a little info about the Narrow Gate Farm:

We raise quality Holland lop rabbits in North Carolina.
Narrow Gate Farm is continuing to produce our own line of 
grand champions.   Our herd currently consits of blue, black, chinchilla, orange, squirrel, sable point, siamese sable, blue tort, torts and of course the broken varieties of each.

You can find more information about these animals on their website.

We will tell you soon about all the animals we got to pet, hold, see, and feed when we visited  Narrow Gate Farm!


Wonder #203 from Wonderopolis asks “What is the difference between a rabbit and a hare?

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