Two giant pumpkins were sitting on our counter for nearly a week. This evening we took to our usual Halloween tradition of carving pumpkins. As the boys get older, the excitement seems to grow.  They’re a little more animated and adventurous each year as well.  I was able to convince them they could go bare-handed into their pumpkins to scoop out the insides (something I typically ended up doing myself).  Well, who am I kidding? Other than drawing on the faces, I usually end up doing most of it since they don’t have the strength to do the cutting. Oh well – I love it anyway.

After one of our favorite Halloween meals – grilled-cheese and tomato soup – we got to work on our pumpkins. Mom gathered the seeds and prepped them for roasting. I’m all about fancy cut-outs and designs, but this year we opted for the simple Jack-O-Lantern look.  A couple of tea-lite candles topped it off as we turned off the lights and admired our creations.  I love this time of year.

If you celebrate this time of year, I’d love to know what some of your Halloween traditions are.


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    • Hey Selena, great question! We like to put a fake candle in pumpkins after we carve them – it’s lots of fun to watch our pumpkins glow! :)

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