We were in a fun shop over the weekend, Vintage Jane in Kernersville, NC. I love this description found on their blog:

Vintage Jane is an artist’s loft in downtown Kernersville, North Carolina, born of a creative partnership of local artists, designers and pickers. Our goal is for you to be inspired, to be beautiful and live well sans the high price tag.

Vintage Jane is one of those places were you are never quite sure what you are going find. I have found lots of stuff there that I just had to have …. (part of a picket fence with hooks to use as a jewelry hanger, antique plaque with various cabinet knobs attached, cabinet door with mesh in the middle for hanging earrings, fun wall hangings to give as gifts, original earrings … )

I just realized that the store reminds me some of a fun place that we ate breakfast at the beginning of our Wonderopolis Wonder Year Adventure in Louisville, Kentucky … hmmm

But back to the story, right before we were getting ready to leave the store, Madalyn looked up and me and whispered, “tell them about us being a Wonderopolis family.”

I smiled at her … and ignored what she said. Then she said it again, a little louder as we were standing by the lady who was working at the store and another shopper, so I started telling them about Wonderopolis, the Wonders of the Day, and how our family was encouraging wondering, creativity, and asking questions.

The other shopper looked at me, and asked me if I knew Jayne Grubbs. With a puzzled look, I replied, “Yes, we went to high school together.” I was struggling to figure out the connection, but she quickly helped me make the connection by saying that Jayne had told her about someone who was doing that for Wonderopolis. (Looking back, I realize that it was funny that she asked me if I knew someone named Jayne standing in the store Vintage Jane.)

It turns out the other shopper and my friend from high school teach together at the same elementary school where my daughter attends Kindergarten. The shopper said to me that her students had been looking at the Wonders of the Day from Wonderopolis since earlier in the year … and got a bit upset on the days when they did not get to look at the Wonder of the Day in class.

That just made me smile …

I am not really sure what prompted my daughter to insist that I said something about Wonderopolis, but I am glad that she was persistent and I finally listened to her …


(So I later contacted Jayne Grubbs to ask her about Wonderopolis (and to ask her permission to use her name in this blog post). She is the 5th and 6th grade Gifted Education Specialist as well as the Science Enrichment Specialist at Caleb’s Creek Elementary. That K-6 Elementary school has the theme of a Connected Campus with a special focus on Science. Science Enrichment serves as one of the specials in the rotation for each class. Jayne says that they look at Wonderopolis all the time in Science Enrichment, and Wonderopolis has been the jumping off point for the creation of many lessons. I can’t wait to go find out more about how they are using Wonderopolis.)

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