Yesterday, we spent the morning exploring things at a nearby park (and taking pictures). It was a beautiful day and 63 degrees in January in NC !! Wow!

First, I took some pictures of Madalyn around the Manor House at Tanglewood Park, then we had a mini photo session with a local photographer (Valentine theme).

Here are some of the pictures I took:

After we took all these pictures, Neil took Madalyn to explore the Train at Tanglewood that he played on when he was a child! We also took some pictures there, but mainly she wanted to play and pretend she was driving the train!

There are a few past Wonders of the Day that go along with our experiences today.

Tanglewood Park is located in Forsyth County, NC where there are lots of trees and wide open spaces for exploring. While it is not a National Park … it is the park we think of when we explore Wonder #326: Does Every State Have a National Park?

Spending time exploring the train today could lead us to look at #333 Do All Trains Run Aboveground?

We had a great time taking pictures today. One of the things I dread finding when I look at pictures I have taken is the red eyes that sometimes show up. … which leads me to #390 Where Do Red Eyes Come From?


We had a great day exploring, wondering, and playing together as a family!


Both of the image collections above were created at . You can see these image at the site by clicking on the images above.

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