There are so many learning curves when you visit a new city. This trip to San Diego has been so much fun the past two days, and I will blog later about my wide learning curves most of them with our transportation. I am excited to be presenting tomorrow with Bill Prosser @ Literate Lives. Between the two of us, all students at BES are immersed every four days with wonderopolis. We miss our third colleague, Kitsy a kindergarten teacher, she was unable to join us on our adventure. The three of us are very thankful for our iPads from the grant that we received last summer from NCFL. Especially since I am composing this blog post on it :)

At last years conference, I met so many people who shared their insight about literacy in their classroom, and I incorporated many ideas back into my own classroom. We discussed the importance of 21 Century skills and the importance of the 3 C’s: creativity, collaboration and communication. I look forward to spreading the wonder. Here are my key points in my presentation.

1. Education is changing so as educators we need to change (not always easy for veteran teachers)
2. Literacy looks different connecting with the digital world.
3. It is more important than ever to connect the school day with students’ home life
4. Extending the school day through wonderopolis has changed my instruction in my classroom.

Check back next week, and I will share about my wonderful NCFL experiences.

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