Friday’s post on was all about Narwhals. These funny little whales in the cold Arctic waters are very elusive and mysterious creatures that have one giant horn (it’s actually a tooth!) growing out of their head! Check it out:

This Wonder got me thinking about the other crazy creatures of the ocean. Have you ever heard of a frilled shark? Frilled sharks are one of the rarest fish on the planet, and while they sometimes turn up caught in fishing nets, a live frilled shark had never been captured on film until this one was caught off the coast of Japan in 2007. The frilled sharks usually live about 100 m under the sea, and feed on squid, fish, and other sharks.

Another deep water shark is the megamouth shark. Since being discovered in 1976, there have been less than 60 of these huge fish ever actually seen! They can grow up to nearly 20 feet in length, and feed by swimming with their huge mouths open to filter out plankton and jellyfish.

These and other great creatures of the deep are just the beginning. Check out National Geographic’s photo gallery about the weird and wonderful creatures discovered in the Antarctic:

Did you know? We know more about our solar system than we do about the deep ocean! What’s your favorite creature in the ocean? Leave me a comment below and tell me all about it!

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