I don’t know about you, but the 80’s is and always will be my favorite decade.  What’s there not to like?  Bright colors, funky fashion, epic cartoons, good music, Reganomics… I could go on and on!

Seriously though,  I was a mere child in the 80’s, yet there were so many classic memories made.  So many fashions I admired and songs I etched into the musical compartment of my brain.  One of my favorite 80’s bands was Duran Duran, so when I found out today’s random holiday was National Duran Duran Appreciation Day, I (naturally) became Hungry Like a Wolf.

After reading about its origin — in 1985, the lead singer, Simon Le Bon survived the capsizing of his boat in a 608-mile race — I scoured my music library in Itunes and created a list as an homage to the “prettiest boys of rock.”

I will never forget the first time I heard a Duran Duran song.  I was sitting in the back seat of my mom’s 1989 burgundy Astro van on our way to New Jersey for a family visit.  Rio came on and the intro was so cool.  I started bopping along to the song and sang what I thought the lyrics were.  I remember just making extended vowel sounds like “eeeeee” and “ooooo” when Simon Le Bon did, so I thought I had them spot on.  My mom, however, knew the true lyrics and laughed as I pretended to be the biggest Duran Duran fan that day.

“Mom, I’ve been a fan of these guys for like…days,” I told her after the song ended.

“And who are ‘these guys,’ Samantha?”

Thankfully, the DJ announced the artist and the song title as a recap before I could answer.

“Yeah.  Duran Duran.  That’s who those guys are.”

It wasn’t until high school when I re-discovered the powerful melodies and intriguing art of Duran Duran.  I was driving to Ihop with some of my friends and the song Ordinary World came on the radio and Simon’s voice transported me back to that day in the Astro van, when I so childishly sang false lyrics and defended my fandom to my mom.  I cranked up the volume and drifted back in a daze, while explaining the history between me and Duran Duran.

Ahhh….good times.

Since then, I’ve seriously been a fan of ‘these guys’ and their videos.  The make-up, albeit horrendous, was always interesting to me, as were the 80’s-ish beauty the women portrayed.

Some may think the 80’s were a wasted decade, but to me it was the decade that changed the way I thought about music, art, and fashion.  It changed (what I thought to be) an ordinary world into a world with dimension and risks.

Happy National Duran Duran Appreciation Day!  Listen to a Duran Duran playlist on iTunes or Pandora, dress in crazy colors, put on some crazy make-up and tease your hair.  This is one day you can legitimately be an 80’s nut without being criticized for it.  :)

Thanks for reading and remember to always wonder!


P.S:  If you can’t think of any good Duran Duran songs, let me know!  I’ve got a plethora of ‘em I’d love to share with you.  :)

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