Does seeing a piece of art bring back memories for you?

Seeing this piece of art brings back memories for me!

You might think that I have dancing memories associated with this artwork … but you would be wrong! :)

When I was in college, I wrote a paper in my Art Appreciation class on this sculpture. I remember researching this artist and his work, but don’t remember much about the paper I ended up writing.

It just struck me how interesting it is that I remember the actions I took but not the final result …

I am not the type of student who remembers every assignment she ever did, but something else happened related to this piece of art that made it stand out in my mind …. and those memories came rushing back today when I saw this image!

The summer between my junior and senior years in college, I was very fortunate to travel to Europe with a group of NC Teaching Fellows. We spent several days in France, and with my background in art, I loved visiting the museums.  I especially enjoyed the Musée d’Orsay.  That is where I got to see this sculpture in real life!!!!!!

I was so excited, and I know that did not make much sense to anyone else but it mattered to me! That is much the same as the way I felt when I saw this image today! (The quote really speaks to me too, but I will leave that for another time.)

This artist has an interesting story of what he thought he wanted to do versus how his art changed and created a piece of history …

I am not really sure what draws me to this artist or his artwork, but it is something in which I have a continued interest and want to keep learning about …

As educators and parents, how can we tap into the interests of our children to promote, encourage, and support learning that lasts through the years ….

I think the way Wonderopolis presents questions and engaging text each day is a great start …

Are there past Wonders of the Day that you and your children can connect to something that happened to you today? I bet so!!

You could even look in the ART category you can find in the sidebar to help you get started ….

Or maybe the ENTERTAINMENT category? (I know a US holiday that is coming up that will have parades and fireworks …)

I wonder what you will find ….

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