I’ve managed to hold off writing this post for the last few days because thinking of my kinders still makes me a little teary-eyed. There is happiness of summer vacation, along with happy-sad tears of saying goodbye all wrapped up in one – and I do this every year. Somehow I make it through.

It was a whirlwind-of-a-week as we began to close-up shop.  There were last-minute projects and activities keeping us busy, walls of posters to take down, items to slip away into cabinets and cupboards. The kids noticed the walls becoming bare, and they never failed to comment or give a sigh of sadness. There was a field trip on the second-to-the-last-day of school, and more than a few late-nights of putting final touches on the giftst to my kids. Then there is the last day – which includes meeting your new first-grade teacher, an end of the year party, and an all-kindergarten sing-along. All of the hooplah, however,  was not to be outdone by our last time visiting Wonderopolis together as a class, as friends, as family. It was a beautiful moment.

This year was special. Wonderopolis became a part of us on day one. Wonderopolis was part of our journey – our year-long adventure of learning, wondering, sharing, laughing, and singing together. And like we gathered on our first day of school and visited our very first wonder together #331 – Why Do You Sneeze?, we did the same on our last day making our final comment on wonder #614 – Where Is the Hottest Place on Earth? A flood of Wonderopolis memories rushed through my mind as I took these last photos of us together. Roughly 300 days had gone by – 180 of those being official school days, and we visited Wonderopolis together on many of them.

A brand new set of kinders are waiting in the wing for another year of Wonderopolis beginning in September. I can’t wait to share them again with all of you.

A big thank you to NCFL and Verizon Foundation for supporting Wonderopolis and shining the light of wonder in our classroom!


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