Yesterday, somehow at church we approached the topic of elephants and how much they weigh.  As guesses were tossed out to the pastor during the sermon, one of my friends, Amber, turned around to me and said, “That should be your next wonder!”

And what a great idea that was (Thanks, Amber!)!  I learned a lot of cool elephant facts and I found even cooler videos on YouTube.  So without further adieu, let’s learn about an animal that is definitely larger than life.

Blue whales may be the largest mammal on the face of the earth, but when it come to land animals, elephants take the cake.  When elephants are born, they can weigh between 200 and 250 pounds. That’s about 1/8 of a ton. And you thought a 10 pound baby was big!

As elephants grow older, they definitely grow bigger.  Adult male elephants can reach the weight of six to eight tons.  Females, on the other hand weigh only four to five and a half tons.  If one ton is 2,000 pounds, then that means an adult male elephant weighs anywhere between 12,000 to 16,000 pounds and a female elephant weighs 8,000 to 11,000 pounds.  To put it into perspective, most cars weigh about two tons, so you can only imagine how heavy elephants can be.

Not only do elephants weigh tons (quite literally), they also are very tall.  Elephants can reach heights over 13 feet tall.  In order to maintain a healthy weight and height, elephants need to eat hundreds of pounds of food and drink about 50 gallons of water every day.  They spend up to 16 hours every day just eating and locating food.  Luckily for them, they’re vegetarians (only eat plants, leaves, etc.), so food isn’t too hard to locate.

Elephants are mostly found in Asia and Africa, but in the U.S and Canada, you can find them in zoos and circuses.  They are extremely gentle giants who are unaware of their immense strength, but because they are so big, it’s probably best that you don’t get too close to one.

For more fun elephant facts and information, check out these sites:

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Thanks for reading and remember to always WONDER!

<3 Wonder Family Nixon

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