As we watched some Olympic coverage Sunday morning, Madalyn got really into a sport we had not seen before … Team Handball.

As she was watching and choosing which team to cheer for (based on the color on their shirts of course), she began noticing details and asking questions about the game …. my little WONDERer!

It is always fun to learn! There are opportunities for learning everywhere for all ages!

I started searching around and found some interesting information ….

We are enjoying watching the Olympics as a family and learning about all kinds of sports …. ones that we know and ones that are new to us!

Have you learned something while watching the Olympics this year?

What is your favorite part of the Olympics?

We have also enjoyed watching volleyball, swimming, and basketball (of course) so far! (see recent blog post: Basketball Is On Our Mind )

And we loved all the literacy connections in the Opening Ceremony as well as the Country Parade!

Thinkfinity has some great articles, images, activities, lessons, videos and information related to the Olympics from their content partners! Just visit the Thinkfinity site and search for Olympics, then you can narrow your search by choosing resource types, grade levels, subjects, and/or specific content partners!

I predict you will be amazed at what you find!

It might even be worth a gold medal! :)

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