Allan came home today and shared his end of the year project with me: Important Thoughts of a Second Grader.  It’s a compilation of poems and thoughts he’s written throughout the year and I have to say, they are quite inspiring and funny.

I asked Allan if I could share these thoughts and poems with the Wonder audience and he said, “Sure!”  So, without further adieu, here is the premier of Allan’s project!





Nose freezing

Outside play


Mountains of snow

A big huge snow storm

Nothing melted


A Bear in the Winter

A bear would eats lots of food.  It will have to find a cave.  It will hibernate.  It will wake up in spring.  It starts all over.  I don’t want to have a bear as a pet.  I wish I saw one and only one.  That would be awesome.


If I Were a Snowflake

If I were a snowflake, I would fall from the sky and make people happy.  I will fall to the ground, the tree, and on top of my roof.  I would come down lightly and love my creation.


Five Dollars

If I found five dollars, I would give it to someone who is poor.  I would do that again and again…that would be awesome.  My mom will be proud.  I will probably be poor then.  I think I would get something back.


A Bad Cold

If I had a bad cold, I would not play with my friends. I’d stay in bed at home.  My mom will have to call out, not go anywhere, not do anything.  That would be upsetting.  I wish my mom was sick, so I could go outside to play with my friends.


My Summer

My mom and I went to the beach to play in the sand.  We didn’t go swimming.  I went to New Jersey.


Thanks for reading and remember to always wonder!

<3 Sam and the Wonder Family Nixon

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