My daughter is in Kindergarten and has been coming home the last few days telling me that they are having trouble with Lily because she is not behaving. I started trying to figure out who she was talking about …

There is not a Lily in her class ..

There is not a Lily in her dance class …

There is not a Lily in her daycare class …

So I had no idea who she was talking about … until I looked at the class newsletter yesterday ..

Lily is one of the bears they have been watching by logging in to view a “Den Cam” (that would be a web cam focused on the den of the bears). The North American Bear Center offers 3 Live Den Cams:

  • Lily & Faith
  • Jewel
  • Honey & Lucky

Madalyn woke up early this morning and asked me at about 6am ) if we could watch the bears. So even though it was very early, I went to the website to let her see the Den Cams. She was telling me all about what we were seeing (I will video when she does that again and post). She was so engaged that she refused to go upstairs to get ready because she was afraid she would miss the bears moving (they were sleeping … like she should have been doing).  To get her to go upstairs, I took the laptop upstairs with us so we could still watch and listen! I can’t wait to go to the site again with her and find out ways it is being used in her class!

Based on the detailed descriptions we are getting at home, I can only imagine how excited those students are when they see the bears moving and just being bears. Wouldn’t that be a great opportunity to focus on details and descriptive writing? What if each student pretended to be one of the bears? I am sure we could bring in drawing of the bear and surroundings.

Even though my daughter is in Kindergarten, I think about the many grade levels that could use something like this to look at animals, adaptations, environments, habitats.


Wonderopolis even has a past Wonder of the Day that relates too: Who takes the longest nap?



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