When you hear Smithsonian, what do you think of?






Washington, DC?


I know it is a great place to explore, but I guess I did not really think of it as connected to learning …. that is until now!

Earlier this week, I came across the Smithsonian Institution Archives when I was doing some searches for Primary Source Documents and ways for teachers to use those documents.

Thinking about the stories that go along with all the collections in the archives is just amazing!

As I look at the images:

I start to wonder about what was going on in the world at that time

I wonder about what the people in the images may have been thinking.

I wonder if they had any idea that we would be looking at them and what they did so many years later.

I wonder how all the pieces fit together to play a role in the whole story.

I wonder what will be in the Smithsonian in the future to tell the story we are creating now?


So here are a few things you may want to look at on the Smithsonian Institution Archives:

The Smithsonian is a Content Partner of Thinkfinity, so you can find lots of great resources there, but here is one that really stood out to me: Idea Labs

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