Madalyn spent the first day of her Spring Break exploring with one of her grandmothers.

They started the day by going to the local farmers market. Madalyn and Nana normally go there to get flowers to plant. When they got there today, the “all year” building was having on Open House to show off some of the new vendors as well as the ones who have been there. They said there were small tables set up all through the building distributing samples.

Madalyn loves samples!

She ate two things of cheese, just the M&Ms out of a sample trail mix, a small bite of pound cake, berries, honey, and several other things (she had trouble remembering all the stuff she tried).

Madalyn and Nana even went to a nearby lake to feed the ducks! There was a gentlemen there fishing. Madalyn says the fish ate her bread too so they were not interested the big juicy worm the fisherman had! I think one of the ducks tried to come tell her thank you …. she got scared when it started coming towards her!

After Madalyn and Nana met Pop (Madalyn’s grandfather) for lunch, they were off on their next adventure to the park.  They missed a few turns and ended up close to Madalyn’s great-grandfather’s house, so they went to see him too … just an unexpected but enjoyable part of the adventure.

They did finally make it to the park, and after a couple of hours of playing on the swings and slides, as well as running all around … Madalyn and Nana stopped to get a milkshake before coming home …. I guess you can’t have an adventure without a milkshake!

Madalyn is out of school all next week …. We wonder what kinds of things she will explore as she spends two days with one grandmother and two days with the other grandmother. She might get to go on a Meals-on-Wheels delivery. She might get to go visit some older relatives. She might get to do crafts. The library will probably make it on the list of things to do. She might visit a park or museum …

While we don’t know all the stuff Madalyn will get to do next week, we do know that her adventures will be full of questions and wonders to explore … (and they will be full of memories)


Here are some Wonders of the Day from Wonderopolis that remind me of the local farmers market:


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