Living in Los Angeles, we are surrounded by cinematic culture. Movie theaters, movie studios, movie stars…everything that seems to  keep this industry going is located within a 10 mile radius of our apartment! One of the most iconic Hollywood features is the Hollywood sign. But what is the history behind this icon?

The sign was dedicated on July 13, 1923, and actually read “HOLLYWOODLAND”, to advertise a new housing development that was going in the hills above the Hollywood area of Los Angeles (that’s right, Hollywood is actually NOT its own city! Crazy!). The sign has gone through quite a few changes since then, because it was not put up with the intention of being permanent.

By 1978, the sign was in REALLY bad shape, so nine of Hollywood’s most influential people (including Alice Cooper and Hugh Hefner) gave money to completely refurbish the sign.

The Hollywood sign remains a classic cultural icon, and I have to say, even after living in LA for as long as I have…I still get excited to see it!

Find out more and see pictures of imitators all over the world:

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