Well!  Talk about an adventure!  Hospitals may smell weird and look super sanitized, but they’re FULL of wonders!

I woke up late Monday night with severe left chest pain and had trouble breathing deeply/regularly.  I thankfully listened to my body and went to the hospital, where they admitted me for a pulmonary embolism, or a blood clot in the lung.

Since being admitted, I’ve learned so much and what’s even cooler is that there are TONS of wonders at Wonderopolis that coincide with what I’ve learned (You can check my Twitter feed for the links).  When I arrived at the hospital, the first thing they did was give me an X-ray to make sure my difficulty breathing wasn’t due to a collapsed lung, which it wasn’t.  Then, they took me to get a CT Scan.

This was amazing.  They placed an IV in my arm and streamed a dye into my body so that the technicians could easily notice any abnormalities.  That’s when they spotted the blood clot.

At that time, I was issued a room and given an ultrasound, aka doppler, on my legs to make sure there were no more clots forming.  Since then, I’ve been given blood thinners to dissolve the blood clot and I’ve finally gotten back online to do some more wondering and checking up on my Wonder Friends.  I feel like I’ve missed so much in two days and I hope everything’s been going WONDERfully for you all out there!  I’m eager to get home and begin my summer WONDER excursions, so stay tuned for some awesome adventures in the future.  :)

Thanks for reading and remember no matter where you are, WONDER is always there!

<3 Sam and the Family!

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