Yesterday was the start of our Easter Egg Adventure … with a few twists!  Madalyn went to an Easter Egg hunt where they the eggs were hidden inside!

All the participants were told if the door to the room was open, then they could go in that room to look for eggs. They were also told they would need to look under things, move things around, and look behind things since the eggs were probably trying to hide (they were also told to put everything back how they found it). Madalyn found eggs when she opened desk drawers, under couch cushions, and behind books on the bookcase!
I thought this was a great twist on an Easter Egg hunt. The younger children did their egg hunt outside where the eggs were easier to find.


After the egg hunt, there were Spring-themed snacks outside to eat, but we also found something else outside …

One of the families has a farm and created a petting zoo in the parking lot. In addition to the bunnies and baby bunnies that you might expect, there was also a chinchilla and a large turkey!


Children of all ages (adults included) enjoyed petting the rabbits and trying to talk to the turkey! The youngest kids just laughed and laughed when the turkey gobbled and made a funny sound!

This morning our adventure with Easter Eggs continued … Madalyn was sent on a scavenger hunt to find the rest of the eggs and things left for her by the Easter Bunny. She found the first clue in a basket that sent her to a certain location in the house for the next clue, which was hidden in an egg. Madalyn was able to read the clues (with a little assistance) and search for the eggs in the next location. We went all over the house looking for eggs for this morning! Madalyn said, “This was so much fun!” (She didn’t realize that she was learning a little bit too)

Our Easter Egg Adventure continued this afternoon when we got together with her cousins for another egg hunt. The three cousins, who are all two year apart in age, enjoyed running around their grandparent’s backyard hunting for and hiding eggs. I think they enjoyed hiding the eggs for each other to find a bit more than finding the eggs …

On our way home, we made another stop on our Egg Adventure.

One of the things I did when I was growing up was visit the graveyards on Easter Sunday afternoon.

My favorite graveyard to visit (I know that sounds a bit odd) is the one located at Old Salem. (My father’s great-grandmother grew up living in Old Salem. I grew up in Winston-Salem, so this is a place I have visited often!)

We stopped and walked the peaceful paths and took lots of pictures. Madalyn took pictures of words so that she could read them later. There were flowers on almost all the gravesites …but on a couple of them, we even found some Easter Eggs!


Our Easter Egg Adventure goes great with the Wonderopolis Wonder of the Day today (#553) and the Wonderopolis background this week!


Throughout our Easter Egg Adventure, we came across so many ideas of great things to share on our blog … so be on the lookout …. (but they probably won’t deal with eggs …. unless they are chocolate and peanut butter ones)

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