It is Campfire Cooking Week at Wonderopolis Camp What-A-Wonder!!


What is your favorite meal cooked over a campfire?

Neil used to go camping all the time (He is an Eagle Scout), so Madalyn and I asked him what he remembered about the foods he had that were cooked over a campfire!

He did say that filet mignon was not very good cooked over a campfire …. :)

Dutch Oven meals and food in Foil Packets got good reviews …

I found a large list of links to recipes for Camping Food and Dutch Ovens on the Boy Scout Webpage! There are long lists of recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Here are some that I think have interesting names:

BlueBerry Taco

Garbage Can Turkey

Breakfast in a PAPER BAG

Orange Eggs


Awesome Chicken Foil Dinners

Fried Jamwiches


Hobie’s Peanut Butter Rollups

Walking Salad

With all the talk about camping and campfires, Madalyn has been asking when we can go camping and sleep in tents!  It is much too hot here right now for us to go camping, but I may still have to try some of these recipes! And we may have to create a makeshift tent in the den ….



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