Today, Wonderopolis celebrates its second birthday.  As I began planning a little celebration in my classroom for the milestone, I began reflecting on what the website has done for my students, my students’ families, my own family and finally me as both an educator and learner.  During my thirteen years of teaching, I can’t think of a more engaging resource for students of all ages (including, me).  I’ve spent time reflecting on favorite Wonders, the learning that has taken place, both inside and out of the classroom and the curiosity and exploration that Wonderopolis has ignited.  I can only hope the Wonders will continue for many more years to come!  Please be sure to leave a comment about what Wonderopolis has meant to you as a parent, educator or student over the past two years.

Enjoy watching our class celebration in the Smilebox below.

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    • Thanks for sending your kind birthday wishes our way, Mrs. Keith’s class! We don’t even need to make a wish when we blow out our birthday candles– we’ve got such great Wonder Friends already! :)

  1. Happy birthday, happy happy birthday! Do we have a birthday here? Yes, we have a birthday here! Birthday where? Birthday here!!! OOOOOOOOH! Happy birthday wonderopolis!

    • Hi Tammiah! Thank you so much for the birthday wishes! We are so thrilled to celebrate with our WONDER friends like you! Thanks for WONDERing, Tammiah! :)

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