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In my previous post about being pied in the face (25 times), I talked about smelling like sour milk and how unpleasant it was to be sticky and stinky.  Well, after lots of wondering and a little research, I discovered what makes milk go sour (and so stinky!).

Did you know that milk has bacteria?  Don’t freak out — it’s actually goodbacteria and it gets energy from the natural milk sugars, or lactose, to reproduce even more bacteria.  This bacteria is known as probiotics and its what keeps you healthy. Probiotics helps with the absorption of certain vitamins, aids in the process of digestion, and enhances the immune system by building antibodies.

When those bacteria begin to use the lactose to reproduce more bacteria, that’s when the lactose sugar turns into lactose acid.  At this time, the milk begins to curdle, or get chunky, not to mention smell and taste bad.

The good thing about milk is that before it hits our refridgerator shelves (or the store shelves for that matter), it gets pasteurized.  This means that the milk is heated to very high temperatures so a lot of the bad bacteria would be killed before sealing and shipping out to stores.  By doing this, bacteria is limited in its growth and grows at a slower rate, so milk takes longer to get sour than it did before pasteurization was invented.

Check out this video from YouTube and try to re-create the experiement yourself.  Make sure it’s okay with your parents or guardians first.

Here are some WONDERful words that were used in today’s entry:


Thanks for reading and remember to always WONDER!!  :D

<3 Sam and the Wonder Family Nixon

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