Today was field day at Northside Middle School and as usual, I was stoked to play with the kids and interact with them outside of a classroom setting.  It’s a fun day with all sorts of sports, a talent show, and carnival-type games, but nothing completes field day like a pie* to the face.  :)

Every year, to alleviate the stress and seriousness of the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOLs), my co-worker, Ms. Francis, and I announce a challenge to the students.  If the students score 525 (or higher) on their SOLs, then they — the students — get to throw a pie in our faces.  Every year for three years, the students have taken to the challenge in an incredible way.  In the past three years, I could honestly say that I have had nearly 80 pies thrown in my face.  Most teachers at Northside think I’m crazy for issuing this challenge year after year, but I can honestly say that it’s something I look forward to at the end of every year.

This year, I had 25 kids pass with a 525 (out of 600).  That was the most I’ve ever had and the funniest part was out of those 25, only 10 REALLY wanted to throw a pie at me!  The rest felt bad for having the opportunity and wanted to eat the pie instead.  I guess I should be honored to have such loyal and loving students.  :)

The only negative thing about having 25 pies thrown at me was that it was 85 degrees and humid today, which meant the whipped cream in my hair (and on my clothes) dried quickly and started to smell a little like sour milk.  Yuck!  Thankfully, I had another change of clothes and was able to wash my face in the restroom.

In hindsight, having students throw pies at me was a blast and it was super cheap, but next year, I’m planning on renting a dunk tank instead.  Not only will it be less messy, but it won’t leave me smelling like sour milk!

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Thanks for reading and remember to always wonder!

<3 Sam & the Wonder Family Nixons

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