Several days ago I started reflecting again on the power of words. I even wrote that phrase on a post-it note on my desk.

For a bedtime story one evening, Madalyn asked me to read The Lorax by Dr. Suess to her. When I sat down to read it to her, she pointed at the book and told me that was a movie too. Even though she might be a little young for the conversation, I started telling her about how when book are made into movies, the books are so much better. The written word paints pictures in the mind of the reader and allows for creativity and imagination. (We have not been to see the movie of The Lorax yet, but I did see The Hunger Games movie last week and that only reinforced my feeling about movies that are made from books).

So after our brief conversation, I began to read The Lorax to Madalyn. The words of Dr. Suess have a way of capturing the reader/listener as well as making them feel as if they are involved in the story. I smiled as I watched Madalyn eagerly await the words on each page. When we finished the story, she was looking through our big bok of Dr. Seuss stories to find the next one for us to read.I guess she is like her momma …. find an author you like and read as many things written by that person as you can. You can look at Wonderopolis #150 to find out more about Dr. Seuss.

Think about the words that you say and the words that you hear ….

If you say or hear one word does it have more power than another word?

Think about the way a word is said. Could the meaning of that word depend on the context, tone or voice, or even sound level (whisper or yell)? How could it be interpreted?


Yesterday, I was shown a video the seems to go perfectly with the ideas for this post that have been bouncing around in my head.


Think about the power of words …

Would jokes be the same if they did not have certain words in the punch line? Wonderopolis # 346 Does every joke have a punch line?

Do you call one object by a word and other people use another word for that object?Wonderopolis #294 Do we have different words for the same thing?

Every wonder why that word you hear all the time is not a word you can find in the dictionary? Wonderopolis #127 How do words get added to the dictionary? 

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