I know this may sound crazy but I look forward to being able to wear sweaters again in the Fall …

Long sweaters

Thin sweaters

Warm sweaters

Colorful sweaters

Layered sweaters

Thick sweaters

Old sweaters

New sweaters

I am not really sure why, but I just like sweaters …

When I say colorful sweaters, I am talking about the warm colors of fall and not the neon colors of summer or the pastel colors of spring …

I am also talking about solid color sweaters … you can layer them over a patterned top and/or with fun accessories …

I forgot Christmas sweaters … not the ones with a big Santa Claus face all over but the ones on Christmas colors … deep reds, greens, and even a little bit of gold ..


I took one idea and wrote about it, or really just made a list, for a set number of minutes. Then I copied that whole list and pasted it into a Word Cloud creator (this time I used Wordle but there are many others) just to see what I could create using just words. Once my word cloud was created, I played around with it by changing colors, changing fonts, and even changing directions of the words until I was happy (I actually could have just kept playing, but I made myself stop).

I challenge you to go see what you can create with words ….


I chose to play with words today…

Wonderopolis also chose to play with Words today … only in a little bit of a different way! Go seeWonderopolis #724 to see what they did!


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