It is time for Wonderopolis Camp What-A-Wonder!

Let’s gather around the campfire for storytime!

Do you like spooky stories?

We like spooky stories that aren’t too spooky …

We normally think of spooky stories around Halloween, but spooky stories are around all year, especially around a campfire!

We wonder if you have any spooky stories connected to where you live …

There are lots of spooky stories connected to North Carolina (where we live)

The NC coastline has the nickname of “The Graveyard of the Atlantic” and was a popular place for pirates as well as shipwrecks.  Pirates and Shipwrecks are both great settings for some spooky stories …

Some of our favorite spooky stories are about Blackbeard the Pirate who lived in NC!

Our state even has a page just for kids about NC Legends and Ghost Stories!

Although the NC Coastline has a spooky nickname, the spooky stories come from all three regions of our state. You can find stories from the mountains, stories from the piedmont, and stories from the coast on the North Carolina Ghost Stories and Legends Page:


There is even a place where you can watch, listen, learn, and create NC Spooky Stories!


We would love to know what spooky stories there are connected to where you live!

Do you have any favorite spooky stories?


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