Wonderopolis is doing a virtual summer camp this month: Camp What-A-Wonder! Last week, they focused on Spooky Stories around the Campfire!


Miss Madalyn has been going to a camp with special themes each week this summer. Last week, she went with a group to a summer camp at a different location. She found lots of things to explore and ask questions about while she was there!

Here are a few of the things she did last week at camp:

  • go swimming each day
  • went fishing and caught a catfish
  • rode on paddle boats around the lake
  • had a snack each day … her favorite snack was a strawberry slushi and skittles
  • looked for animals while hiking
  • laughed and laughed while on a hayride
  • learned and sang new songs

Madalyn had such a great time last week that she keeps telling us she is going back to the camp she attended last week instead of the one she has been going to all along ….

She was full of stories each night about all the things they did each day!

Madalyn was engaged, interested, and involved in all the things she was doing and learning last week at that camp ….

I wonder what her favorite thing was that she did at camp?

What is your favorite thing to do at camp?

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